Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is this boring??

I went out to dinner last night with a number of people within my industry and one of them asked about my studies and she wanted to know what themes were emerging from my analysis. So, I told her very broadly what I was seeing in my data and it sounded so BORING and unremarkable. It made me worry that I will get to the end of all this and my readers will say "um, yes...  I could have told you that three years ago". What if my work leads to something so predictable and unremarkable that it has nothing to contribute to the body of knowledge in which my topic fits? No-one will have written about it before, but it could just be so ordinary that it makes no difference to anyone or anything.

Maybe I need to be looking back on why my study is important and what its goals are. I hope, hope, hope that what I am doing is important to someone, sometime and that it is not just BORING!

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