Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rev it up

So, I sent my audio interviews off to in the US and wondered how they would go. They promised I would receive them within 24 hours. In fact, the started coming in about 2 hours after I sent them off! Nice. I haven't been through them all yet, but I have read two of them through and I would say they are about 97% accurate. I will still have to go through all the files and listen to them and read through correcting as I go, but the time saving is immense. They seem to have dealt with the Australian accents really well. The two I read didn't have any swearing in them, so I'm not sure what they will have done with that.  I am really pleased that I decided to get this done. I think it was a good decision. Anyone needing to get transcription done would do well to consider using this company. Sadly, they were half the price of Australian services otherwise I would have used someone local.

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