Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's been happening

Long time, no blog. Maybe I have been busy!

Achievements to date:
Prison visits to interview participants -ACT & Vic
Started work on getting clearance to interview prisoners in SA
Leant how to use NVIVO
Started transcribing interviews
Session teaching (lots) (good for $$, lousy for research)
Acceptance to have my research workshopped at RAILS
Started reading fantasy books (seems to be the genre of choice for prisoners, and I know nothing about it)
Started reading 'Reader Response Theory' help explain previous statement
Maintenance of sanity - just.

This is hard. It would be less hard if I didn't have to keep working so much. I have a full time teaching load, another 2 days teaching at another uni, full time study load, two kids, husband & dog. I am tired. My dream is of just sleeping. Even a little bit would be nice.

Anyway, no point in complaining. Things I need to do soon:

Keep transcribing interviews
Remember how to use NVIVO
Feed the transcripts into NVIVO and make it do something clever
Keep bugging prison administrators to get access to another State's facilities.

Loads more too, but these are the important study-related things at the moment. School holidays are about to start at the end of this week, so everything will grind to a halt for two weeks again.