Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I got ethics!!!!!!!

Well, it has taken since April, so what is that, 5 months (!) of my life working towards getting ethics approval. Finally I have success! I have approval from my institution and from one of the States whose prisons I will be visiting. Still waiting on two more States to say I can come and play.  What an effort. I have been most surprised along the way by the attitudes of so many people with whom I have shared my tales of ethics submissions and amendments and resubmissions. So many people don't just hate the ethics process, they hate the poor people on the ethics committees whom they see as deliberately obstructive, difficult and stupid.  There is genuine anger and hate out there! At first I tried to defend the process and the people, but now I just shut up and listen to the particular stories of woe and delay that these people have experienced at the hands of the ethics committees in question. There is no converting the angry, I have decided, so I just try to be sympathetic.

Anyway, a big and happy step for me. Now I have to actually do some work!

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