Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Qualitative Interest Group

My very wise supervisor suggested I go to a meeting of the Qualitative Interest Group (QIG).  In the interest of immersing myself in all possible opportunities, I did what I was told and went along.  I was very glad that I did.  The group is run by two women, one of whom is called Lyn Richards.  It is a group of researchers, graduates and academic who are all involved in qualitative research in some way.  I found the group extremely useful and thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by really clever and experienced people.  They were all interested in each others' work, including mine. It gave the feeling of being in a community - a good feeling.

Lyn has asked me to present my topic for the next meeting in March as a design example for the group to work through and give me advice.  What a fantastic opportunity.  I can't believe my luck to have such input from some really cluey and experienced people so early in my work.  I am feeling slightly uncomfortable with it though as I feel like I am going behind the backs of my supervisors.  I really have no idea if this is a valid impression or not, so I am going to ask them if it is OK with them if I proceed with the activity.  I hope so, but am fully willing to forgo the opportunity if PM or SR want me to. They have to be happy with everything I am doing.  This is important to me.

Lyn Richards

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