Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meeting with PM & SR

I met last week with P & S and had a very productive time.  I was feeling a bit stalled before it but now I feel that I have tons to go on with.

We worked out that I should focus on three strands of library use:

  • recreational
  • educational
  • legal
This is a better fit for a PhD, although it is too big for a Masters.  The idea is that I go for confirmation with the Masters and they think is so wide and and wonderful that I should convert to a PhD.

Peter has sent me a template document for the Confirmation process which I haven't looked at yet, but I am grateful for because I felt a bit like I was walking around in the dark, not knowing what I was aiming for.  Now I have a structure to work within, I feel more comfortable.

We talked about a research methodology again.  I said that I thought 'Action Research' wasn't feeling right and suggested either "grounded theory' or 'phenomenology'.  They both said that the head of school hates 'grounded theory' and that is seen as a bit of a joke, or the theory that you have when you don't have a theory.  So, I have been investigating phenomenology this morning.  It seems very philosophical, but looks like it might fit quite well.  I will look into it further.  I don't mind not using grounded theory as it felt so unstructured and I like having a skeleton to hang my work from.

Here are the Muppets explaining phenomenology:

It didn't really help!

This one did though:

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