Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thinking about a topic

I have started reading around my area of interest with the goal of narrowing down my topic to a specific area and research question.  Current thinking:

  • Explore the experiences of prisoners reading fiction - the role that reading of fiction plays in their lives.
  • Explore the responses to libraries by prisoners
    • What value do they place on them
    • To what extent are they used
    • How are they used
    • What role do they play in the life of prisoners
  • The transformative experience of reading fiction (see Sweeney's article 2008, Peschers 2011 in particular).  If I was to follow this line, which seems to interest me the most, how do I make this a 'library' thesis, not a thesis about reading?
  • Do our prison libraries restrict access to any reading materials?
  • Are there examples of censorship?
  • Maybe not just recreational reading. Sweeney's "The Story Within Us" mentions a prisoner who says she values self-esteem books and parenting books to help her when she is released to be a better parent and to help with her views of herself.
  • Has access to a library, either within an institution or via a public library extension program, had a positive impact on the lives of prisoners/ex prisoners
  • Has access to a library, either within an institution or via a public library extension program, assisted in offenders achieving their goals?
Keep in mind that this is not a consultancy.

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